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AIM Energy Pros Expands into United States


EDMONTON, ALBERTA—Canadian based AIM Energy Pros (AIM) announced that effective immediately it is has established a presence in the United States with initial focus on the REIT market segment. AIM will employ its company proprietary data logging system that has saved Canadian companies such as Plains Midstream (a gas pipeline company, Alberta, Canada) and Alberta Urban Municipalities Assoc., significant energy costs savings both by eliminating hidden charges on their bills, and by applying “smart utilization” processes along with reducing inefficient energy consumption patterns.

AIM’s success is based upon a Triad Methodology of saving their clients significant money by identifying hidden charges buried in their electric power bills, and recommending modifications in both their power consumption process and utilization of power factor management systems.

The Triad Methodology is a three-stage process that includes:

  1. Audit where AIM measures the exact energy consumption characteristics of their client’s facilities, main subsystems and major equipment along with environmental data;
  2. Investigation where AIM determines all available smart energy options that can be applied to the customer’s needs and analyzes them for return on investment, payback and carbon emissions; and
  3. Mitigation which includes recommending solutions that either AIM licensed and certified partners or the client’s favored/approved vendors implement. AIM insures quality control by providing project management, verification and validation for all work performed.

AIM Energy Pros employs its proprietary data logging system that captures hundreds of channels of simultaneous data from every circuit, every major piece of equipment and all internal and external environmental parameters in a facility. Combined with environmental, IR and audit data, AIM creates a precise audit profile of energy usage embedded into a detailed report.

Using the audit data, AIM matches available energy efficiency products that will satisfy the client’s precise needs and that will meet the threshold of an expected five-year return on investment of 25 percent or greater.

AIM’s mission is predicated on ensuring that the client’s electric utility power is purchased at the lowest possible cost. The client engagement process always begins with an audit to find savings and assist the client in obtaining utility bill reductions and refunds. This process is provided risk free to clients so, if AIM is not able to produce lower future bills and generate refunds, AIM is not paid for services.

Steve Edelman will head up AIM’s new presence in the REIT market segment. Edelman is located in McLean, Va. and can be reached by either phone or text at (202) 330-1198 or by e-mail at steve@aimenergypros.com.