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After Evolving for 500 Million Years, Moss Finds Home as Air Cleaner in Hotels


HONESDALE, PA.—Moss has been around for 500 million years but only now is its potential being maximized for hotel spaces. Moss Walls, based in Honesdale, Pa., is just launching its Verdure Wellness Walls—self-sustaining “live” moss walls that include specialized misters, grow lights, a recirculating water feature that creates the sound of a babbling brook, and pre-programmed app/timer. An in-house test using an EPA approved Particles Plus monitoring system showed that after three days a 4′ X 8′ Moss Wall reduced CO2 levels in a 1,176 cubic feet room by 225 percent and decreased harmful .5-micron airborne particulate by approximately 4,000 percent. “The wall is like a green lung in a space,” says Al Benner, President of Moss Walls.

Benner says the 4′ X 8′ walls can be used alone or connected with other walls to create an even more dramatic effect in a hotel space. “Visually, it is incredibly compelling,” he says. “It is a piece of art. It is very easy to set up. A lot of plant walls require a lot of upkeep. Moss is so simple because it has no roots. We ship it bone dry. The misters keep the moss thriving. The water basin needs to be filled every two weeks or so and a UV sterilization bulb keeps the water clean. Filters for the water fountain feature and intake for mister pump should be inspected every three or four months and no fertilizing or trimming of moss is required.

Al Benner

According to Benner, the moss wall acts as more than an air cleaner and revitalizer. “The lush, vibrant green color and soothing sounds have been proven to enhance mood, speed healing, and reduce sick days,” he says.

Live moss increases oxygen levels in a space. Many studies show this helps reduce “brain fog” and improves mental clarity and productivity. The misting system contributes energizing negative ions while moistening the air and removing and capturing dust, pollen, mold, and other pollutants. The sound of flowing water is proven to have healing properties.

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