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Ace Hotel, Noshinku Team Up to Make Sanitizer Luxurious


NEW YORK—Ace Hotel has teamed up with Noshinku to elevate the hand sanitizer experience for their guests. Noshinku is a premium hand sanitizer brand that doesn’t just kill germs but also treats skin gently and smells great.

Ace has installed Noshinku’s signature sleek dispensers in multiple locations throughout the public spaces in its U.S. properties, including New York, Chicago, Downtown Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

In doing so, the hotel brand is treating hand sanitizer as a premium amenity that elevates the overall guest experience, and not just a generic necessity. “We’re thrilled that Ace chose us, and recognizes that elegance and efficacy can coexist even in an item like hand sanitizer,” said Noshinku co-founder and CMO Arie Hefter.

Here are just a few of the features that tipped the choice in favor of Noshinku. Noshinku uses only the highest pharma-grade USP certified alcohol distilled from sugar cane, not corn. Noshinku also tests and verifies this alcohol both for quality and smell. They’ve even been known to scratch an entire batch of product simply because the alcohol didn’t measure from a scent perspective. Says Hefter, “No sanitizer should smell like bad tequila.” He notes that Noshinku uses essential oils like Italian bergamot to add a pleasant, natural, gender-neutral fragrance. All Noshinku products are manufactured in licensed facilities in the United States and come in sleek matte black packaging making the brand ideal for any hotel décor.

For more information, visit www.Noshinku.com.