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A Total Water Management Service Delivers Cost Savings & Cooling System Efficiencies


A Fortune 100 LEED Gold certified headquarters in Houston, Texas identified the need to improve water conservation in the cooling system to reduce costs, save energy and reduce chemicals. HydroTech Solutions initiated the Total Water Management program in April 2016 that continues as a monthly service. It’s important to note that it took a few months to remove existing deposits and stabilize the system, to allow significant cost savings.

The Challenge

Each of the two headquarters buildings has a 1,000-ton cooling tower on the rooftop and two chillers in the basements. The water consumption for each building exceeded 500,000 gallons per month during summer.

The Facility Manager sought to safely reduce consumption, along with scale and algae reduction that the chemical program wasn’t controlling.

The Total Water Management Service Includes:

  • HydroFLOW physical water conditioners, which provide scale, bacteria and corrosion control;
  • Eco-friendly solid water chemistry;
  • IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and meters which continuously monitor flow rates, temperatures, water quality and other real-time data;
  • Cloud based platform that securely analyzes and displays data;
  • Side-stream filtration system removes suspended solids from water; and
  • Monthly site visits to inspect equipment, water quality and operations, with monthly reports.

Total Water Management Results

  • The Total Water Management program continues to deliver water, chemical, and energy cost savings monthly.
  • Data is accessible by the customer 24/7 and the analytics tools improve operations efficiencies at reduced cost.
  • Each building conserves over 2 million gallons of water per year.

The comparison of scale and biological accumulation on equipment before and after the implementation of the Total Water Management program is conclusive; no scale or biological accumulation while operating at 7 Cycles of Concentration.

Validated Cost Savings with IoT Sensors

The customer’s goal of maintaining the cooling system within industry standards while reducing chemical and blowdown water usage was validated by IoT water meters and sensors that provide real-time operating data for analysis that validates performance and cost savings.

Total Water Management Results Include:

  • Water consumption reduced over 50% while using 75% less chemicals;
    ROI of under 12 months, from reduced water and chemical consumption;
  • Data viewed securely on mobile devices, desktops and BMS;
  • Improves water and energy operations 24/7;
  • Water and energy conservation goals are achieved;
  • Reduces maintenance and repairs: Extended Asset Life;
  • Eco-friendly, solid chemistry that eliminates hazardous storage; and
  • Beneficial for the community (reduced chemical and municipal wastewater impact).

The monthly fee for the equipment, sensors, solid chemistry, real-time data and monthly reports are more than paid for by water conservation cost savings.

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