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Sonoma Forge Hands-Free Faucets Incorporate Electromagnetic Sensors


PETALUMA, CALIF.—Driven by growing concern over germs and bacteria on restroom surfaces, more hospitality environments are turning to hands-free, automated faucet technology. With no visible sensors, Sans Hands from Sonoma Forge offers an improvement over outdated infrared technology. Sans Hands incorporates an electromagnetic proximity sensor, packaged in stylish designs that perfectly fit today’s modern industrial style.

“Rather than relying on old, unreliable infrared technology, Sans Hands allows users to skip the frustration of frantic hand waiving and enjoy the stylishly unique bathroom décor,” says Sonoma Forge President, Erik Ambjor.

Sans Hands uses the basic principal of electromagnetism. Simply speaking, the components include a spout, a low-voltage current from an electrical source (either battery or plug-in) and an electronic “brain” supplying an electromagnetic field to the spout. When a user approaches the faucet, the electromagnetic field is interrupted, which opens and closes the valve.

Sans Hands Sensor Faucets are available using the spouts from the versatile WherEver series, the rugged CiXX collection, and the modern Strap line. They come in wall- and deck-mount configurations and are available in a wide array of finishes, including special order. A suite of coordinating bath accessories, including decorative hardware, towel bars, tissue holders, mirror mounts, and more complete the industrial look.