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New HyLite Multi-Mode Tube Simplifies Installation & Replacements


FORT MILL, S.C.—Although LED lighting has a longer lifespan, there comes a time when the they will eventually have to be replaced. A major obstacle on LED tube light replacement is not knowing whether the previously installed LED tube light is: ballast compatible, direct wire, with single-end wiring or double-end wiring, etc. This situation poses a major challenge for installers and maintenance providers. Identifying the wiring configuration is fairly time consuming and quite frustrating.

The HyLite LED new OptiMax Tube solves this issue by offering a completely universal LED tube light which is ballast compatible and direct wire, single-end or double-end wiring compatible, works on shunted/un-shunted sockets—all in one “LED Tube Light Replacement Solution”. HyLite 12W OptiMax Multi-mode LED Tube Light will save tremendous amount of time and challenges on maintenance and labor. Simply plug in the OptiMax Tube Light without having to worry about any ballast or wiring configuration.

HyLite 12W OptiMax, Multi-mode LED Tube Light features a highly efficient 150 LPW and is available in 4000K and 5000K. At 12W, the HyLite LED OptiMax Tube saves up to 75 percent compared to T8 fluorescent tubes. The tube light is DLC Listed and qualifies for utility rebates.

The HyLite LED OptiMax Tube features proprietary optical design with a wide and uniform 300° beam angle and shatter-proof coating. It is rated for up to 50,000 hours of life and the HyLite LED OptiMax Tube will last up to five times longer than fluorescent tubes.