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Wynn Resorts Donates $7.5 Million to Hurricane Harvey, Typhoon Hato Victims


LAS VEGAS—The following statement is from Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts Chairman and CEO:

“It is a very sad and tragic coincidence that in two major cities where we have our employees and customers—Macau, in the People’s Republic of China, and Houston, Texas—tragedy struck within a few days of each other.

“In Macau, our employee’s homes have been damaged and their lives have been interrupted; many of them have suffered. So, too, have our customers who were caught in the grip of the typhoon. In the United States, in the state of Texas, many of our customers and business associates have experienced the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

“These events, 8,000 miles apart, have affected the lives of our employees and our friends in both cities, and we have felt compelled to help in some small way. Therefore, we have dedicated $7.5 million dollars to the aid of Macau and to aid in the relief of the disaster in Texas. We are proud to join the citizens of both countries who demonstrated their compassion and neighborly affection for the unfortunate souls struck by this natural disaster.”

Wynn Resorts Relief Efforts in Macau & Houston

In Macau, Wynn Resorts will contribute MOP 30 million ($3.75 million) to assist families and local businesses in recovery from the typhoon. The company will continue its aggressive community volunteer efforts, which began immediately after the typhoon, in which hundreds of Wynn employees distributed water and supplies to the community, and now continue with cleaning up and helping to rebuild affected neighborhoods. Wynn volunteers have also worked on community cleanup efforts on both the Macau Peninsula and in Cotai.

In Houston, the company has similarly committed $3.75 million dollars to aid in helping those affected by the hurricane, with a focus on the financially disadvantaged.