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videoclip222The lodging industry’s leading suppliers explain the environmental benefits of their products and services through video. Interested in including your company here? Contact Glenn Hasek, publisher and editor, at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at: editor@greenlodgingnews.comClick here for advertising rates. (Readers, click video screen capture to play video. To expand to full screen, click in lower right after clicking screen capture.)

Protect-A-Bed: Long Live Your Mattress

Developed to provide a clean, healthy and safe sleeping environment for millions of guests, Protect-A-Bed products deliver protection that not only protects against harmful germs and bacteria, but increases the life of each mattress, and keeps them out of landfills longer. To learn more about how Protect-A-Bed can benefit your property visit:

Nightingale Smart Sleep System: Advanced Sleep Technology for Hotels

The Nightingale smart sleep system helps hotel guests fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. A good night’s sleep is absolutely critical to the guest experience, and Nightingale enables hospitality brands to reduce noise complaints, earn better online reviews, and reduce room reimbursement charges. Nightingale uses patented sound masking technology. For details, call (844) 747-9014.

Aquamenities Soap Shampoo Dispenser Fixture

Amenity station by Aquamenities the first elegant way to present your hotel amenities and help save the planet from the billions of small amenity bottles dropped into our landfills every year. Just 1 Amenity Station takes over 1000 bottles and just over 6 gallons of wasted product per room out of our landfills every year. Imagine the power of thousands!!!