Shaw Hospitality Group Reclaims 1 Million Pounds of Carpet; Diverts Waste from Nationwide Landfills


CALHOUN, GA.—Since the inception of its recycling program in 2009, Shaw Hospitality Group has reclaimed more than 1 million pounds of carpet from hotel renovations throughout the United States.

Through key partnerships with major hoteliers such as La Quinta Inns & Suites, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Marriott and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, this 500 tons of reclaimed carpet has been diverted from U.S. landfills.

A commitment to sustainability, attentive customer service and an established reclamation program led La Quinta Inns & Suites to partner with Shaw Hospitality Group in 2009.

“Over the past several years, Shaw Hospitality Group has provided carpet for La Quinta’s hotel renovations,” said Murry J. Cathlina, La Quinta Inns & Suites EVP Design & Construction. “Through our partnership with Shaw, La Quinta has diverted nearly 800,000 pounds of old carpet from landfills to recycling centers without a significant impact to our renovation budget.”

Shaw Industries coordinates the reclamation process; the old carpet is staged at the property during the renovation process and then transported to one of Shaw’s recycling partners. Whenever possible, type 6 nylon carpet from these renovation sites is sent to Shaw Industries’ Evergreen Nylon Recycling Center in Augusta, Ga., where it enters the recycling process of becoming new carpet again. Here it is broken down into caprolactam, the building block of type 6 nylon carpet fiber, and made into new type 6 nylon again without degrading the quality or performance of the fiber. Other types of carpet fiber reclaimed during renovations are reprocessed into other products or used in waste-to-energy facilities.

La Quinta Selects Eco Solution Q®

La Quinta purchases Shaw Hospitality Group Eco Solution Q® type 6 nylon products for its renovation projects. When this carpet is ready to be replaced, it can go to Shaw’s Evergreen facility and become new Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified type 6 nylon carpet again through the recycling process.

“In many cases, the cost for Shaw’s recycling partner to pick up the carpet from the hotel is about the same as having the contractor take it to the landfill,” Cathlina said. “Participating in this recycling makes sense for La Quinta because it is easy to manage, cost-neutral and benefits the environment. There are many carpet manufacturers who offer a quality product; however, Shaw offers a quality product plus competitive pricing, outstanding service and the best recycling program in the industry. I look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

Click here to read a letter from La Quinta regarding carpet reclamation.

Shaw Hospitality Group recently reclaimed the guestrooms carpet from the 221-room Monaco Portland, a Kimpton hotel. The property, which is housed in a 100-year-old downtown Portland building, opened in 1996, and the remodel was completed in March of this year.

A Shared Vision

New carpet, wallcoverings and furniture updated the guestrooms during the remodel. Shaw Hospitality Group removed 27,620 pounds of old carpet from Monaco Portland and replaced it with new Cradle to Cradle certified, sustainable carpet.

“Everyone at Kimpton is guided by the same vision,” said David Sussman, SVP Hotel Development & Design, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. “Our Kimpton EarthCare™ program works because each one of us is making critical behavioral changes on a daily basis. Our commitment to the environment requires both dedication and real ingenuity, and Shaw Hospitality Group’s reclamation program is another way that Kimpton commits to sustainable practices.”

This sustainable, closed loop nylon type 6 recycling program is the model of Shaw’s Cradle to Cradle philosophy—designing so that waste is never an option. The premise of Cradle to Cradle design is to create products that will be deconstructed and recycled back into their original materials time and time again. Cradle to Cradle product design and certification are an integral part of Shaw’s commitment to Sustainability through Innovation™.

Shaw Industries has reclaimed and recycled more than 500 million pounds of post-consumer carpet since 2006—enough to cover 14,663 football fields. The Carpet America Recovery Effort named Shaw its Recycler of the Year in 2009.

About Shaw Hospitality Group

Shaw Hospitality Group is dedicated to delivering new and innovative designs to the hospitality industry worldwide. Shaw Hospitality Group is a vertically integrated mill offering the widest selection of “front door to top floor” flooring solutions for hotel pubic areas and guestrooms, ageless living, theaters and retail markets. Expansive product offerings include standard and custom products for guestrooms and custom pattern carpet for public areas, in addition to hard surface, modular tile and cushion. Shaw Hospitality Group provides design leadership and offers the resources and experience necessary to create products targeted to the diverse needs of a global marketplace. “Sustainability through Innovation™ That’s the Shaw Green Edge" and Shaw Hospitality Group’s commitment to sustainability and cradle-to-cradle products. More information:

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