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NewspaperDirect Launches Hotel PressDisplay.com


LONDON—NewspaperDirect, the leader in multi-channel newspaper content distribution, has launched Hotel PressDisplay.com. Hotel PressDisplay.com brings more than 550 newspapers and magazines from 72 countries and in 37 languages to the laptops of hotel guests. Using the hotel’s high speed internet service, Hotel PressDisplay.com can be configured to serve guest laptops in-room or in the common areas of the hotel property. In most cases, guests will be able to view a digital facsimile of any newspaper in the system before it has even arrived at public newsstands.

Hotel PressDisplay.com is the latest addition to NewspaperDirect’s PressDisplay.com product family, which attracts millions of online consumers and corporate customers every day, along with patrons from more than 600 libraries worldwide. It is also the technology behind NewspaperDirect’s SmartEdition ePaper solution that powers dozens of the world’s leading publishers, including CanWest, New York Post, Washington Post, Le Figaro, Daily Telegraph, and many other prominent newspapers.

Hotel PressDisplay.com is designed for hoteliers looking to offer their guests superior service and “green” amenities. Besides being the environmentally friendly alternative to printed newspapers, Hotel PressDisplay.com enhances the newspaper experience for readers by offering a familiar look and feel, easy-to-use navigation tools, powerful keyword searching, article sharing through e-mail and blogs, translation into up to 12 languages, audio capabilities, and integration with social media such as Facebook, Digg and Del.icio.us.

“Hotel PressDisplay.com enables hoteliers to reduce the cost and wastage of locally delivered newspapers while providing guests with a superior newspaper reading experience,” said Richard Miller, NewspaperDirect’s vice president, sales and marketing. “Guests can read any newspaper they want on their laptops and can even download them to read while in transit to their next destination. Hotel PressDisplay.com is the ‘green’ newspaper solution for hotels that cater to the tech-savvy mobile professional.”

Hotel PressDisplay.com is available to both hotels and hotel Internet service providers. Subscription packages offer simultaneous user licenses that enable multiple guests to share the service 24 hours a day.

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