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Lutron Introduces New Stairwell Vandal-Resistant Fixture


COOPERSBURG, PA.—Light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics has released a vandal-resistant version of its wireless PowPak Stairwell Fixture. The easy-to-install, tamper-proof fixture features a heavy-duty lens and hidden wireless control that will withstand high-abuse applications in public spaces.

Lutron PowPak Stairwell Fixtures work in conjunction with Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy sensors to reduce lighting electricity use by automatically adjusting light output based on stairwell occupancy. The fixtures and sensors communicate via Lutron Clear Connect radio frequency technology, providing enhanced flexibility to determine occupancy sensor quantities, mounting configuration, and placement requirements per the stairwell design.

Fully assembled and ready to install, the new vandal-proof luminaire includes an RF receiver mounted within the fixture (accessible through the ballast cover) and a Lutron EcoSystem dimming ballast. A digital dimming ballast allows lights to be dimmed to preset levels rather than rely on bi-level switching, resulting in a solution that saves energy without sacrificing lamp life.

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