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Indura Beach & Golf Resort to Celebrate Earth Day


TELA, HONDURASIndura Beach & Golf Resort, the first five-star resort in Central America within Curio—a Collection by Hilton, will celebrate Earth Day by hosting a one-hour, informative nature walk on Saturday, April 22 at 9 a.m. on property grounds in Tela Bay, Honduras. Employees, guests, and local members of the community are invited to join this walk to learn about the green initiatives in place at the resort and what they can do at home to join the effort and combat this global issue.

Being set within the Jeannette Kawas National Park, nature preservation is central to Indura and encouraged to all those who visit. Among efforts and initiatives already in place at the resort include:

  1. Promote the use of local produce and materials. This initiative leads to a reduction in pollutant gas emissions, as well as the generation of local employment opportunities. Indura was built using local materials, including the Honduran wood used for all property doors and closets, as well as décor features produced by local craftsmen. The property also buys most of its produce from nearby vendors and farmers.
  2. Reduce energy emissions. The resort is implementing the use of LED light bulbs on property, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent.
  3. Promote sustainable water conservation practices. At Indura, 100 percent of the water waste accumulated is reused using the property’s very own treatment system. The resort is also committed to treating the waste water generated by the neighboring Garifuna community of Tornabé. Additional water conservation practices at the hotel include the use of patented air-injection technology showers and high efficiency toilets throughout the property, which can reduce water use by 20 percent or more.
  4. Participate in recycling programs and limit the use of disposable plastic items. Indura promotes the use of reusable glasses, plates and silverware for employees and guests. The resort also has a strict no-Styrofoam and no-straw policy, which means no straws are served unless the guest requests it or the type of drink itself requires it. The property’s waste management and recycling program separates recyclable materials (plastic, paper, aluminum, glass, and other items) from waste that can´t be reused, which is later donated to local recycling companies and waste collectors. The property also separates all hazardous waste (batteries, light bulbs, etc.) and makes sure the safe disposal of these items is performed by a certified company.
  5. Encourage employees, guests and local community to participate in eco-conscious activities on and off property, including kayaking, bird and monkey watching, exploring rare plant species and flowers, hiking, and more. The resort also assists its neighbor Garifuna community school with the training of staff members on waste management techniques so they can teach students about the benefits of recycling.

“Indura is working towards a sustainable future based on a more responsible business model which promotes the protection of our planet as well as the conservation of our environment,” said Indura Beach & Golf Resort General Director, Jose Antonio Gutiérrez. “The resort is highly committed to raising society’s awareness of the vital importance of environmental protection and conservation techniques and we hope that this small action will make an impact in the long run.”

With 2017 being declared as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, Indura will continue to implement eco-friendly initiatives at its property and surrounding communities to raise society’s awareness of environmental conservation practices.