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HEI Adds Corporate Social Responsibility Project to Managers-In-Training Program


NORWALK, CONN.—HEI Hotels & Resorts chairman Gary Mendell announced the addition of a corporate social responsibility initiative to their Managers-In-Training (MIT) Program. As part of the comprehensive training program, the managers-in-training will complete a project focusing on one of the key areas of HEI’s corporate social responsibility platform.

“To HEI, hospitality means much more than just providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our guests,” said HEI chairman Gary Mendell. “We passionately believe in actively supporting the communities in which we work, caring for our associates, building meaningful relationships with our partners, and reducing our impact on the environment. As MITs and future leaders of the company, it is essential to be champions of the culture of social responsibility and innovation at HEI Hotels & Resorts.”

Corporate social responsibility at HEI Hotels & Resorts focuses on four key areas—Community, Associates, Relationships, and Environment—together spelling CARE. During the MIT Program, trainees will have the opportunity to make a difference for their hotel, through a self-designed corporate social responsibility project that benefits their local community, their fellow associates, the hotel’s relationships, or the environment. The managers-in-training can create, design, and implement as many impact projects as they’d like during their tenure in the MIT Program. Projects could include launching a local community service project or designing a hotel sustainability initiative. For his MIT CARE project, Marriott Boca Raton MIT Tyler Campbell is leading organizing efforts to volunteer time and donate goods to the local Tri County Humane Society.

HEI Hotels & Resorts CEO Anthony Rutledge said, “Instilling our corporate social responsibility values—community, associates, relationships, and environment—from the onset lays a foundation of responsibility, helping these managers-in-training develop their leadership skills before they manage.”

HEI Hotels & Resorts launched the MIT Program in 2008 to provide a “fast-track” to management for recent college graduates and interested internal associates. The MIT Program includes concentrated studies in key aspects of hotel management before assignment to a property within the HEI network, and provides participants with an array of benefits, including competitive compensation, temporary housing during training, paid travel to hometowns to visit their family during the training period, and relocation assistance upon training completion. As of today, 145 MITs have entered the program.

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