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Green Lodging News Adds SolaBev as Directory Partner


ODESSA, FLA.—Hasek Communications, the Odessa, Fla.-based publisher of Green Lodging News, has added SolaBev to its Green Product & Service Directory in the “Coffees/Teas/Single Serve” category. SolaBev enables you to offer your guests distinctive tasting cups of coffee, tea, and cocoa in private label capsules promoting the identity of your property and enhancing your brand. The SolaCap is the largest single serve capsule available and the patented capsule design delivers a terrific tasting cup of coffee in a recyclable plastic container for your guests. SolaBev capsules and Mini Brewers are only available to commercial customers, eliminating pilferage and reducing costs.

Contact Michael Szyliowicz at (800) 877-3811 or e-mail Michael@solabev.com.