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Fresh-Aire UV Adds Tubular Rack UV System


JUPITER, FLA.—Fresh-Aire UV, manufacturer of the original 24-Volt Blue-Tube UV and the APCO in-duct air purifiers, introduces the Tubular Rack UV System (TRS), a germicidal ultra-violet (UV) light IAQ product. The low-cost TRS is designed for effective microbial disinfection in new construction and retrofit IAQ industrial and commercial applications.

Designed for on-site configuration with all major brands and sizes of HVAC equipment, the TRS disinfects interior wall surfaces, coils and the supply airstream of air handlers. The kit consists of a lifetime-warranty multi-voltage power supply, Fresh-Aire UV’s UV lamps and all the necessary installation bracketing, mounting hardware and marine-grade, waterproof electrical cables and connections. The TRS is designed to use common 1/2-inch galvanized electrical conduit, which is not included in the kit, as support framework.

The kit is available in 22 lamp variations ranging from one to four lamps with one-year lifecycles; one to four lamps with two-year lifecycles; or one to two high output lamps with one-year lifecycles. Lamps are available in 32 or 60-inch lengths. Also available is a Teflon-coated lamp for high-vibration or sensitive applications that encapsulates the glass if broken.

Kit selection, lamp placement and installation help is available through a network of trained manufacturer’s representatives or Fresh-Aire UV’s customer service department.

Minimal Installation Time

Once the special mounting brackets for the tubular framework have been installed on an air handler’s interior walls or coil infrastructures, the installer has complete flexibility to position the UV lamps for comprehensive disinfection coverage. Estimated installation time averages less than three hours if electrical power is already available.

Unlike other UV systems that use reflectors and block half of the irradiation, the TRS emits a 360-degree light field that creates a longer irradiation dwell period as airborne microbes approach and pass by the UV lamps.

Installer and operator safety measures come standard in every kit with warning stickers and standard 1-inch-diameter UV-filtering acrylic sight glass. Optional large view ports and door interlock safety switch shut-offs are also available.

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