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Caesars Entertainment Sponsors Dartmouth Students On Big Green Bus Sustainability Tour


LAS VEGAS—For the third consecutive year, Caesars Entertainment Corp. is sponsoring Dartmouth College’s Big Green Bus tour across America. The converted Greyhound bus, operated by students, will run on recycled waste vegetable oil (WVO) as it travels the country educating individuals on best sustainability practices.

The 11-week, 12,000-mile journey will take the 13 students through 31 states and will make refueling stops at Caesars resorts including Harrah’s New Orleans (July 23), Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino (August 3 in Las Vegas), Harrah’s Rincon Hotel and Casino in North San Diego (August 5), and Cleveland Thistledown (September 3), among other scheduled locations.

Each year, Caesars Entertainment recycles 640,000 gallons of restaurant oil at its resorts and casinos worldwide with 123,000 gallons coming directly from restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant vegetable oil is recycled and reused at the resorts, or is removed and repurposed for use in biodiesel and other products.

“Having Caesars Entertainment as a sponsor has given us great insight to its compelling sustainability practices,” said Nicholas S. Devonshire, Big Green Bus fundraising and logistics coordinator. “With its broad reach, the company has shown us how caring about the environment can translate into large opportunities for innovation and resource savings.”

Classroom on Wheels

Caesars Entertainment’s Big Green Bus silver sponsorship will help with the costs of operating this “classroom on wheels” with its state-of-art sensors and tools designed to help individuals understand the inner workings of the bus and the importance of practicing conservation at home.

“We are very proud to power the Big Green Bus and support these driven students in their quest to spread the message of sustainability across the country,” said Gwen Migita, corporate director Sustainability and Community Engagement for Caesars Entertainment. “Caesars employees are excited to take part in the many events scheduled at the resorts across the country.”

Caesars Entertainment and its CodeGreen initiative are committed to critical issues of energy, waste, water and carbon emission reduction at all of its properties and seek to engage Caesars employees in efforts to reduce natural resource use, conserve energy, and promote reuse and recycling. Supporting the Big Green Bus is just one of hundreds of responsible green practice programs Caesars assists with at its resorts and in the communities it serves.

For further information about the 2011 Big Green Bus tour, its crew and sponsors visit www.thebiggreenbus.org.

For additional information about Caesars Entertainment’s sustainability efforts visit www.caesars.com/corporate/environment-sustainability.html.