Baffled & Befuddled by USGBC's LEED Project Excel File

by Glenn Hasek October 09, 2012 04:21

Almost every week I receive a request or two for the current list of LEED certified hotels. It is something I no longer receive from the U.S. Green Building Council. The last time I requested an updated list I was told to go to to download the entire LEED project list and then work from there. The challenge is that the list is almost 50,000 projects long. I am not an Excel expert but I thought I would try a few things to identify hotel projects on the list. First of all, I tried to do a sort by Project Type but that did not work. Next, I did a search on the word "hotel" and came up with 1,308 mentions. Here things start to get very complicated because many of the projects found are listed as "Confidential."

Many of the cells that include the word "hotel" include the following under "Project Type": Commercial Office, Hotel/Resort, Health Care, Recreation, Other. So, even if you do find a row that may represent a hotel project, you are not really sure because it very well may be a health care or other type of facility. Under "Project Type" there are 963 projects listed as a "hotel/resort" type of project so we know there are at least that many global projects of that type--either registered or certified. How many of those are in the United States? Good luck with that because, again, the file will not allow you to sort in the "Project Type" column.

If you have had any more success with this than I have, please let me know by e-mailing If you have an intern program, perhaps you can have an intern go through the list? Allow a couple of days. What I will do is try again to call USGBC for an updated list. If they send me one, I promise to share it with all of you. Wish me luck.



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