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Avmor Expanding South of the Border


LAVAL, QUEBEC—Avmor, a 70-year-old manufacturer of chemical cleaning solutions and the largest manufacturer of professional cleaning products in Canada, announced that it will begin marketing its products through a select and limited number of distributors in the United States starting later this year.

According to Mike Sawchuk, Chief Business Development Officer for Avmor, the official announcement will be made at the upcoming ISSA/INTERCLEAN North American Tradeshow in Las Vegas.

“We are now looking for strategic alliances with select U.S. distributors and are offering exclusive territories throughout the country,” says Sawchuk.

He adds that Avmor has been planning this move to the United States for more than a year. During that time, the company made many changes in its operations, including changing responsibilities of key leaders in the company.

The ultimate goal was “to best differentiate and support our growth in the United States of our healthier, safer, and more effective cleaning products,” says Sawchuk.

Among the Changes Mentioned

  • More Avmor products have been green-certified by leading certification organizations, including GREENGUARD, which puts greater emphasis on protecting indoor air quality than other green certification organizations.
  • Had key floor finishes, both Green certified and traditional, UL 410 Certified for Slip Coefficient, and introduced a new line of floor care products designed to help prevent slip and fall accidents.
  • Developed floor care products specifically to help clean and maintain rubber and sheet flooring.
  • Introduced new encapsulation and dehydration technologies designed specifically for carpet spotting, bonnet cleaning, and extraction, and can be used for tile and grout cleaning.
  • Developed a “black floor finish” that can be used in postal operations, arenas, and other venues, as well as to help recover damaged floors.
  • Added a new line of “closed loop” dispensing products and dispensers, “ready-to-dispense” systems, as well as other dispensing options.

As for the reasons for the move to the United States, Sawchuk says, “We see a lot of growth potential in the United States. With the economies in both Canada and the United States doing well, now is the right time to be making this move.”

Sawchuk has worked directly with jansan distributors for more than 20 years. “I know how to help distributors grow market share and incremental sales. I see Avmor’s move to the United States as a real opportunity for some U.S. distributors.”

Distributors and sales representative in the United States interested in adding the Avmor product line should contact Sawchuk directly at msawchuk@avmor.com or (905) 932-6501.