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Everpure Launches Exubera Pro Premium Carafe Water System


CHICAGO—Everpure, LLC launched its award-winning filtration system, the Exubera Pro Premium Carafe Water System, during this year’s National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. The event was held last month at Chicago’s McCormick Place. The new system offers restaurant operators a way to serve their own premium carafe water, and reduce their dependency on serving prepackaged water, which potentially impacts the environment.

“Increasing consumer demand for green business operations has prompted many restaurateurs to rethink how they store and serve water, making NRA Show 2008 the best possible time to launch the Exubera Pro Premium Carafe Water System,” says Mark Selander, marketing manager of Everpure. “The system is a complete filtration and dispensing system that allows restaurant operators to create their own premium water and provide customers with an environmentally-friendly alternative to prepackaged water.”

To ensure patrons are receiving the same water options as with prepackaged premium water, the Exubera Pro System allows the serving of chilled, chilled carbonated and ambient premium water. This turnkey solution includes a six-step process, beginning with testing of the operation’s water followed by an in-depth analysis resulting in a fully customized, complete filtration system. Merchandising will be available this summer to assist operators in promoting the benefits of premium filtered water to their patrons.

Offering under-counter and countertop models, the Exubera Pro Water Appliance is easy to install and maintain, offers excellent carbonation, little upkeep and advanced features. Most importantly, the system enables the operator to reduce the costs and hassles associated with prepackaged drinking water including tracking inventory, finding storage space, generating additional waste and purchasing costs. Instead, restaurant operators are able to reduce costs, maintain profitability and reduce their waste and environmental footprint.

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