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American Window Film, Inc.

Hotels Go Green with American Window Film, Inc.

Established in 1975, American Window Film, Inc., a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer, offers LEED® credited 3M™Window Films designed to reduce heat gain, heat loss and energy consumption. Lodging professionals nationwide choose American Window Film. See features and benefits video at www.americanwindowfilm.com. Call (800) 274-8468 for more information.

Vermont Soap

Certified to USDA Organic Food Standards

Vermont Soap products are so natural they are certified to USDA organic food standards! Keep your lodgers safe and comfortable with 100 percent natural bathing and cleaning products. Zero VOC (guaranteed unscented) options are also available for asthmatics. We manufacture handmade organic bar soaps (unscented or natural aromatherapy blends), liquid soaps, foam soaps, organic soap based shower gels, spray cleaners and cleaner concentrates, aromatherapy air fresheners, herbal moisturizers and organic oral care products. Over 20 years in the business! Call (866) SOAP-4U2.

T2 Site Amenities, Inc.

Extraordinary Planters

Planters reinforce your green image and beautify your property. At T2, we offer the widest array of planter styles and materials. Upscale designs for your lobbies, hallways, exteriors, and poolside. Custom options available. Materials include sustainable woods, steel, concrete, fiberglass, and resin. We even offer planters that qualify for LEED points. Matching trash/recycling receptacles and benches are available. Call (847) 579-9003.

DeepStream Designs

Recycling Can Be Beautiful!

DeepStream Designs’ custom trash and recycling receptacles coordinate with your property's décor with panels made from wood, recycled plastic lumber, decorative resin, metals, stone, and laminates, framed by marine-anodized aluminum legs. Our receptacles, modular garden planters, and custom fixtures are engineered and constructed to endure for generations, reducing the impact on the Earth’s resources, and providing the lowest cost of ownership over time. Made in USA by American craftsmen. Please call (305) 857-0466.

Aquatherm Industries Inc.

Hybrid Solar Pool Heating: Reduce Costs. Save Money. Live Green. Swim Warm.

A. The most cost effective “primary” swimming pool heater: Solar pool heating for “free heat from the sun.”
B. The most convenient “back-up” swimming pool heater: Your existing natural gas, propane or electric pool heater for “anytime heat” for times when solar will not be enough.
C. The most sustainable “primary” swimming pool heater: Solar pool heating for “CO2 emissions-free heat.” Call (561) 638-7138 for more information.


Healthy, Environmentally Conscious Amenities, Specialty Foods

Natural market product sales have grown exponentially with the successes of large natural grocery chains. This rapidly growing market is now primed to be introduced to the hospitality industry. HEALTHY MINI BAR™, the first natural product marketing company for hotels, delivers healthy, environmentally conscious amenities and specialty foods to your hotel guestrooms and convenience centers. HMB strives to meet all the definitions of healthy lifestyle, therefore we offer a variety of  foods like low calorie options, ORGANIC, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free snacks, diabetic friendly options, just to name a few. For more information, call (214) 810-0218.

Hartdean Ltd.

EcoKnit® Quick Drying, Energy Efficient Terry Towels

EcoKnit Terry Towels are luxury hospitality cotton towels with two to three time’s longer lifespan and provide energy and water savings which recover the cost of the product. EcoKnit® Towels are the most technically advanced, energy efficient terry towels in the world today. Drying up to 40 percent quicker than standard terry towels, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions and using 15 percent less water with every laundering cycle, EcoKnit® towels are truly environmentally friendly and a more cost efficient solution for your business.

Healthier Choice

Healthier Choice: The Renewable, Recyclable, Healthier Option

Healthier Choice products incorporate the soy-based BiOH® system from Cargill for enhanced sustainability. This advance joins other green features such as GREENGUARD certification, assurance of the best in indoor air quality. And Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection against allergens from mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites. No other cushion can contribute more to LEED. Call (800) 872-8426, ext. 111.


Spa-quality Products in Earth-friendly Packaging

Drawing on natural oils, extracts, and conditioning agents, LATHER offers spa-quality products made from natural ingredients. Our new Bamboo Lemongrass collection uses pure lemongrass essential oil to lift the spirit, and includes NO animal byproducts, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, urea, or petrol-derived ingredients. Available in 1oz tubes and 2oz bottles made from post-consumer recycled materials, LATHER delivers natural product in an environment-friendly package. LATHER offers a full-range of eco-friendly packaging, accessory, and dispenser options. Call (626) 397-9050, ext. 208 for more information.


Press+Wash—More Than a Dispenser

Swisssol Creative Body care is offering Press+Wash—the most unique, patented and closed dosage system. The Press+Wash Dispenser is the only one on the market with a patented tamper proof, drip free system for your hotel/resort. Press + Wash delivers:

•    Bottle and integrated dosage system made of 100% PET, hence 100% recyclable;
•    Optimal dosage system for an economical use;
•    It’s durable with no mechanical pump to wear out or harbor germs;
•    30-35% cost savings compared to small bottles/soap packaging.

Call us today at (705) 687-5445 to get more information about the Press+Wash dispenser.

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