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Disaster Drives Viana Hotel Owners Toward Energy Efficiency


WESTBURY, N.Y.—When Westbury, New York’s Viana Hotel & Spa was in its design stage, it was shortly after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast. Oil prices shot up and the United States’ dependence on foreign oil was in the spotlight. It was within this climate of energy uncertainty that Alan Mindel and his team at Samar Hospitality decided to build the most energy-efficient hotel possible. Designed to achieve LEED-NC Silver certification, the 116-room Viana Hotel & Spa on Long Island features a closed-loop water-source heat pump system for heating and cooling as well as an 11-kilowatt photovoltaic system on the roof for electricity generation. Many other steps have been taken to further enhance energy efficiency. The Viana Hotel & Spa, which had its soft opening last October and its official opening the beginning of this year, is located in an area of the United States that has seen some of the highest utility rates in the country. All of Samar Hospitality’s investments in efficiency are paying off.

WattStopper Adds YouTube Channel


SANTA CLARA, CALIF.—WattStopper has created a YouTube channel in order to share its growing video library with a wider audience. Viewers can choose from numerous informative short subjects on topics ranging from installing specific controls to selecting high ROI control investments. The channel is updated frequently, and subscribers receive automatic notifications when new content is added. Viewers can watch the videos on mobile devices as well as their computers.

LEDnovation Expands EnhanceLite LED MR16 Line


TAMPA, FLA.—LEDnovation, a developer of LED lighting and replacement lamp technology, has expanded its EnhanceLite LED MR16 line to include the first in a series of 50W equivalent (50W Eq) replacement MR16 lamps. The initial offering boasts a center beam candle power (CBCP) of 7360 Candelas at 7.9W and an efficacy of 57 lumens/watt. With a narrow spot beam angle of 11 degrees, this 50W Eq EnhanceLite LED MR16-50 is an optimum replacement for energy wasting, low-voltage halogen MR16 lamps widely used throughout the gaming industry in casinos and other hospitality venues.

3M Architectural Introduces Sunlight Delivery System


SAINT PAUL, MINN.—3M Architectural Markets introduces the 3M Sunlight Delivery System, a new daylighting solution that captures and harnesses sunlight in an energy-efficient lighting system for commercial buildings. This hybrid system combines multiple technologies to bring sunlight deep into interior spaces and provides consistent light levels throughout the day. The technology holds promise for both energy efficiency and improving the productivity and morale of building employees.

BULBRITE’s Eco-Friendly Halogen A19 Receives Platinum ADEX


MOONACHIE, N.J.—BULBRITE has received a Platinum ADEX award for its 2012 EISA-compliant Halogen A19 lamp, an energy-efficient lamp designed to comply with the 2012 Energy Independence and Security Act that is scheduled to take effect January 1. The upcoming legislation requires general service light bulbs to operate up to 30 percent more efficient than current standards require.

INNCOM’s In-Room Controls Now on Intelity’s ICE Touch for iPad


NIANTIC, CONN.—By adding INNCOM’s Integrated Room Automation Systems (IRAS) to Intelity ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) Touch on iPads, guests can now control room temperature, lighting, drapes and alarm clock directly from their iPad tablet computers—even when they are not in their rooms.

Pineapple Now Offering Dimmable CFL from TCP


SAINT CHARLES, MO.—Pineapple Hospitality introduces the new TruDim CFL from TCP, Inc. The TruDim CFL performs like a traditional incandescent bulb—with dimming capability all the way down to 2 percent of lighting capacity—with all the environmental benefits of CFL technology. “In the past, dimmable CFL bulbs would flicker when they got to the lower end of their lighting range,” says David Geraci, CFL product manager for TCP.

Verve Living Systems Unveils New Line Of Products


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.—Verve Living Systems has introduced a new line of energy-saving automation products developed specifically for the needs of the hospitality industry. The products combine radio frequency and energy-harvesting technologies and incorporate wireless room controls.

New Bathroom Ventilation Systems Make Saving Money, Energy Easy


NATIONAL REPORT—Bathroom ventilation systems recently introduced by leading suppliers are making it easier than ever to save energy and money while still keeping bathrooms free of odors and moisture. There was a time when fans were noisy and consumed up to 144 watts. Today they are almost as quiet as a mouse and can use as little as 4 watts—a dramatic difference. Motion sensors are now available with some models and turn off fans left running by guests. With some fans, a humidity sensor is included. This ensures that the fan continues to run until the humidity reaches a pre-set level. Inefficient fans can cause all kinds of mayhem for a hotel owner. Loud fans can result in guest complaints. Improperly sized or powered fans may not remove enough moisture. This can result in mold and mildew, ruined insulation and wood rot. Some older hotels have no ventilation at all in guestrooms. According to Jim Shelton, national sales manager, Panasonic Home & Environment Co., improperly ventilated bathrooms can result in indoor air quality issues.

Switch Lighting Introduces 100-Watt Equivalent LED Bulb


SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Switch Lighting announced the first ever 100 watt-equivalent LED bulb. The bulb was unveiled at the 2011 LIGHTFAIR International Trade Show in Philadelphia. Using their “City of Light” technology, the bulb creates a self-cooling environment inside, allowing maximum brightness with fewer LEDs.

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