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Consider ‘Water’ When Formulating Your Green Cleaning Strategy


Consumer demand and demand from commercial customers have helped pressure companies like Ecolab, Procter & Gamble and The Clorox Company to green up their lines of cleaning products. That is certainly good news for everyone. Meanwhile, many other smaller companies have come along to offer other green cleaning options. I have posted news about many of those products over the last few years. Type in “green cleaning” on the Green Lodging News website and 11 pages of articles are generated. It is great to have so many cleaning product choices.

Spring, Summer Packed with Conference, Trade Show Opportunities


If you are in the hunt for some spring and summer conferences and trade shows that offer an opportunity to learn about green trends, practices, products and technologies, get out your calendar and start planning your travel. There are numerous events to consider and they are all approaching quickly. Many of the events are ones we have all come to expect from year to year; others are new. Be sure to check our Events calendar for a complete list of events. From April 14 to 18, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show will be held in Chicago. Numerous educational sessions with a green focus are planned.

Survey Gauges Attitudes Toward LEED, Green Building Construction


The Allen Matkins/CTG/Green Building Insider 4th Annual Green Building Survey results were just released. The survey was conducted by Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP, and CT Energetics, Inc. According to the two companies, their survey of green building professionals is the largest of its kind in the United States. More than 1,600 construction and design professionals participated. While the survey is not lodging-specific, it does offer an interesting glimpse at the current state of U.S. green building. Design and construction professionals continue to overwhelmingly support green construction (96.8 percent in 2007, 93.5 percent in 2008, 92.3 percent in 2009).

Costumed Characters Help Teach Kids Environmental Responsibility


When I was a child, I could not watch enough cartoons. I am dating myself here but Bugs Bunny, The Road Runner, The Flintstones and Popeye were some of my favorites. My childhood obsession with The Three Stooges? That’s fodder for another column (woo woo woo). Animated characters, whether on screen or in “real life,” fascinate children and sometimes adults, too (Avatar comes to mind). In the last year I have come across three examples of properties using themed, costumed characters to teach kids about environmental issues. I think what they are doing is fantastic.

Certification Organizations Fail to Make Smoking/Green Lodging Connection


For a long time I have wondered how the various green lodging certification programs address the smoking/nonsmoking issue. After a bit of research over the past few weeks, I found out. What I really wanted to know was whether or not any programs require that a facility be 100 percent nonsmoking in order to be certified (there are two programs, maybe three). I also wanted to know what programs ask about the makeup of a property’s room mix when it comes to smoking/nonsmoking rooms (not many ask at all).

What Are You Planning for Earth Hour & Earth Day?


Lodging establishments around the world will participate in two global events in the next two months: Earth Hour and the 40th Earth Day. Earth Hour is a World Wildlife Fund initiative and will take place on March 27 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Individuals, businesses, governments and communities are invited to turn out their lights for one hour to show their support for action on climate change. The event began in Sydney in 2007, when 2 million people switched off their lights. In 2008, more than 50 million people, including many hoteliers, participated.

CMIGreen Green Traveler Survey Report a Fascinating Read


I highly recommend reviewing the recently released 147-page CMIGreen First Green Traveler Survey Report. (See link to report at end of column.) It was produced by San Francisco-based Community Marketing, Inc. and is based on a 2009 survey of 4,109 adults throughout the United States. The study focuses exclusively on the 1,736 respondents who consider themselves to be “extremely” or “very” eco-conscious and who took at least one overnight vacation in the past year. What separates this survey from the many others that I have seen over the last couple of years is the quality of the questions asked and the volume of participants included.

New Green Meeting and Events Voluntary Standards Expected in June


I just returned from the Sustainable Meetings Conference in Denver. It is an annual event organized by the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC). I had attended the conference two previous years. This year’s event was the most exciting of the three for several reasons. First of all, the turnout for this year’s event was strong for a GMIC event—approximately 250—and up significantly from last year when the event was held in Pittsburgh during the worst of the recession. Second, it is clear that GMIC has found a business plan that works—developing chapters to build membership.

The Bardessono Deserving of Green Hotel World’s ‘Oscar’ Equivalent


In the current green hotel building world, the equivalent of an Academy Award (an Oscar) would have to be LEED Platinum. It is the top level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. LEED is offered by the U.S. Green Building Council for new and existing buildings. Until now, only one hotel in the United States had earned LEED Platinum—the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, N.C. The Proximity was awarded its honor in October 2008.

Online Travel Agencies React to Growing Interest in Green Lodging


I have always kind of wondered about the seriousness of the commitment of the leading online travel agencies (OTAs) in regard to promoting green lodging establishments. In the past when I have gone to their websites in an attempt to try to find the properties, I have been unsuccessful or at least had a difficult time in locating a link for more information. (Perhaps that is why the OTAs call their green sites “microsites”—so small nobody can find them.) To some degree the green hotel sections are still difficult to find, as I describe in the article written this week about the top online travel agencies and their treatment of green lodging.

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