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Continental Adds New 200-Pound Pro-Series II Dryer


OSHKOSH, WIS.—Continental recently added a 200-pound capacity dryer to its Pro-Series II dryer line. The new 200-pound capacity dryer is the largest of the Pro-Series II line, which also includes models in 20- to 175-pound capacity sizes. The new dryer is equipped with quality components, easy-to-use programmable controls and a multitude of features that dramatically increase laundry production and energy efficiency.

Properly balanced airflow, heat input and basket volume allows maximum production when matched with soft-mount E-Series Washers. Providing 200 pounds of drying capacity, and available in steam and natural gas models, the Pro-Series II Dryer quickly and efficiently dries large loads.

It offers the optional Integrated Sprinkler System (ISS) fire sensing and extinguishing system, standard reversing, Linen Life Extension (LLE) moisture sensing system, and an extended tumble option. These features not only ensure fewer wrinkles and eliminate over-drying, they simplify dryer operation, extend linen life, and thwart dryer fires before they get out of control.

Low-Maintenance Operation

Durability characterizes the new 200-pound capacity Pro-Series II Dryer. The tumbler features a galvanized pre-coated cylinder; embossed steel front, side and top panels coated with electrostatically applied, baked-on paint for superior bonding and corrosion resistance; a heavy-duty rubber door gasket; low-maintenance operation; and durable kick-plates and cart bumpers to protect from nicks and scrapes.

Ergonomic and easy to maintain, it features a self-cleaning lint screen that supports maximum airflow and promotes quick, efficient drying.

Several key features contribute to heightened energy efficiency of the Pro-Series II Dryer, including a multiple burner heat system, which provides quick and stable temperature control. The dryer’s enclosed heat system improves efficiency and ensures a comfortable working environment for operators. Additionally, radiant heat from the dryer’s stove top is used to preheat intake air before entering the combustion chamber. This reduces energy costs and lowers drying time. The LLE moisture sensing system takes efficiency further, by eliminating costly over-drying. LLE cuts utility costs, improves throughput, lowers labor hours and extends linen life.

Twenty Programmable Cycles

The dryer’s advanced control, designed for flexibility and efficiency, offers 20 programmable cycles and multiple programmable cycle types, including time-dry, auto-dry or moisture sensing for the ultimate in drying technology and load management control.

The new Pro-Series II Dryer is designed with radial airflow—a system that captures heated intake air and distributes it evenly throughout the entire drying cylinder. Radial airflow ensures maximum load separation for big loads and bulky items and utilizes the tumbler’s complete capacity for quick, even drying. As heated air is released from the top of the basket, linens, which are rotated from the bottom to the top of the basket, fall and separate throughout the entire cylinder. As linens fall and separate, heated air is pushed through and around the load—eliminating hot and/or damp spots in the load and expediting the drying process.